Project:  Commercial Office Remodel     Reference:  Pat Hanks     Contact:  507-288-0064

Project:  Three Season Porch     Reference:  Steve & Ellen Joswiak     Contact:  507-951-8138

Project:  New Garage/exterior finish, Kitchen/Bath Remodel     Reference:  Jeffrey & Coreena Spors       Contact:  507-450-5749

Project:  Deck and Patio     Reference:  Steve McGhie     Contact:  507-289-2779

Project:  Kitchen Remodel     Reference:  Steve & Patty Stupca     Contact:  507-289-2906

Project:  Basement Finishes     Reference:  Rakesh Marda     Contact:  507-287-8719

Project:  Attached Garage  Reference:  Gary & Karen Morien     Contact:  651-270-2099

Project: Egress Window     Reference: Richard Kreutz     Contact:  507-624-0048

Project: Bathroom and Shed     Reference: Gary and Devin Moore     Contact: 507-398-6164

Project: Cabin Interior and Exterior     Reference: Dave and Sue Limpert     Contact: 507-261-4920

Project: Foundation Wall     Reference: Mark Olgenberg     Contact: 507-281-2742

Project: Kitchen     Reference: Joe and Sandi Gillard     Contact: 507-288-0297

Project: Interior/exterior Remodel     Reference: Geraldine Faruigia     Contact: 507-269-6614

Project: Addition and Siding     Reference: Chris and Janice Dracker     Contact: 507-251-5980

Project: Office and Stairs     Reference: Wayne and Darlene Moerke     Contact: 507-317-5187

Project: Decks     Reference: Karl and Stephanie Fritz     Contact: 507-254-7953

Project: Basement Finish and Deck     Reference: Randy and Gerri Spaulding     Contact: 507-356-2197

Project: Basement Remodel and Bathroom     Reference: Kay and Lee Hilgendorf     Contact: 507-529-5618

Project: Basement Finish     Reference: Darcy Leone     Contact: 507-261-7480

Project: Deck     Reference: Scott Hill     Contact: 507-433-7139

Project: Addition     Reference: Wayne Fuoss     Contact: 507-398-8240

Project: Personal     Reference: Tim Boardman     Contact: 507-421-3371

Project: Garage Finishes     Reference: Karel Weigel     Contact: 507-281-1821

Project: Bathroom     Reference: Jeff Pruett     Contact: 507-398-2700

Project: Bathroom     Reference: Betty Luedtke     Contact: 507-252-5659

Project: Water Damage Repairs     Reference: Pete Gilendez     Contact: 507-206-3642

Project: Personal     Reference: Gary Roth     Contact: 507-272-1526

Project: Pool House Foundation     Reference: James Stelzer     Contact: 507-254-6389

Project: Stone Veneer     Reference: Cici Lam     Contact: 507-358-6882

Project: Kitchen     Reference: Josh and Tracy Blum     Contact: 507-251-4351

Project: Basement Finish     Contact: Elliot Riggott     Contact: 507-273-5086

Project: Bathroom     Reference: Birgit KlingHammer     Contact: 507-280-8465

Project: New Bathroom     Reference: Adam Litke     Contact: 507-884-4657

Project: Personal     Reference: Jerry Jensen     Contact: 507-254-1567

Project: Basement Finish     Reference: Barb Detinger     Contact: 507-287-6450

Project: Interior and Exterior     Reference: Steve Harner     Contact: 507-288-2861 

Project: Hiawatha Homes     Reference: Cindy Ostrowski     Contact: 507-951-2350

Project: Hiawatha Homes     Reference: Malinda Kelley     Contact: 507-696-2261

Project: Cenex     Reference: Pauline Williams     Contact: 507-259-4828